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Meet The Team @ Phoenix Hart Designs
Creative Director
Bossing It PHD Pro Photo wbw.jpg

" Design is my passion.

If I Don't do something Creative 

every day, I feel lost."

Chelsea, Born in Canada, Living in the UK, is the Creative Director and Owner of Phoenix Hart Designs, one of the Fastest growing CIC Design Companies Globally. She works Remotely with Clients all over the world, Designing Bespoke Websites for them, and Managing a Back end Team of Talented Developers and Marketing/SEO Experts. Chelsea went to University in both England and Canada, studied multiple degrees, & had 2 kids before taking on the Design world. Always Artistic and Creative to the core, She started Phoenix Hart Designs 4+ years ago while living in Germany. It has grown and developed as a company, to become the thing that brings her the 2nd most joy in her day, behind spending time with her two lovely kids.

" I am continuously grateful for the work that I can do.

My career fills me with satisfaction and positivity.

I know that it is a gift to be in a position where I love what I do,

so I make sure to give back to as many good causes as I can

through volunteering my time, and my skills, helping people

who are also making a difference with their lives."

Chelsea Plans to grow her company continuously. "I look for people who are Driven, passionate, Honest, kind and Ethical, that matters more to me then any qualification or skill. If someone wants to be part of what I am doing I am quite humbled. I want to create a company that provides guidance and continual learning to all the team, a place of support for creative talent, and inspiration & hope for the future."


Chelsea Olivia Phoenix Hart

social media

Designer's World

Brilliant Designs to make your Website 

Attractive, Responsive & Profitable.

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A strong brand is everything from your Logo to your Marketing materials & advertising, Uniforms, business cards, Signage Shop-front, and even interior Design. 

Consult with us to get

Branding for Everything.

Designer in Studio



Chelsea creates eye catching designs that are creative, engaging and informative across multiple platforms from website to print & product design, and anything you need to showcase, market, advertise and promote your business. 

Cheerful marketing people brainstorming


Storytelling is a powerful thing.

We make sure to know your story in advance, show it on your website, and help it grow!  

Working Outside

Working Remotely Is not new practice for us.

PHD has been a remote global enterprise since its conception. Our aim always has been to keep operation costs low, ( passing on our low price to our customers), 

keep running Eco friendly and green,

and promote global collaboration and equal rights & pay for all our employees. 

PHD is Hiring! 
Even amongst the Corvid 19 climate, PHD continues to expand. Our first and main criteria?  Passionate and Positive People! 
Thinking about applying? 
Check out our upcoming rolls.

Young Designer
Digital World Map
Project Developer

Atif lives in Beautiful Pakistan,

He is great with his time management, and making sure that the structure of the project is always done on solid ground. To which he quotes me Abraham Lincoln,

" Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. "


"Where a handshakes still

means a promise"



As his Manager & The Front End Designer, there is nothing more important than knowing your back end developer has built you a system that will hold, and be standing in many years time. 

Atif is friendly, relaxed and diligent.

I can count on him to be quick and

efficient, as well as to be able to

problem solve many complex issues. 

He puts good causes and others before

himself and has a fantastic work ethic. 


Atif has many skills, too many to list here. He has worked on huge complex projects with a large team of 41, as well as some of his own amazing feats, Like starting his own hosting company in the UK. Despite the recent hold ups the world is facing with the C19 pandemic, they are still managing a to keep clients and to provide VPS based CPanel hosting.




Global Entrepreneurs 

Project Developer


Man on Computer

If you dont know how something works, You can ask Nik. 

Nick is Our Teams Custom Coder. Working on problem solving highly technical Back End Development Projects from websites to Apps. 

Nik has had a growing passion for working with computers since childhood, his interest grows with every new technology that comes out, as his desire to keep up with the latest trends and best tools makes him a great team mate.
 His skills include frontend development with: React js, Redux, Vue js

Backend development  in: Express, Laravel, Databases(MongoDB, SQLite, PostgreSQL)
Bash scripting, docker, react-router / vue-router, beginner python 3 developer
He uses technologies such as :
gamedev: C++ / C + OpenGL 3.3 and SFML (C++)
 For web development: RxJS, Angular, Linux, SQL, Php. 
Theoretical computer science: GPU pipeline, CPU architectures (x86 and x64. ARM, Operating System architecture, ASM, Main Memory architectures. 

SEO & Social Media 


Woman Sketching

Ishani Works Remotly For The PHD Team From her Brightly Coloured Home in India. 
She is Our Social Media Content Writer & SEO Pro .
She also has a passion for Digital Marketing in Blogging. She runs her Own Popular blog & Creates freelance content for private clients world wide. 

 Ishani Started her SMM Career working as an Assistant Director in the Bengali Film Industry " Tollywood " Working her way up to First Assistant Director. 

She Graduated with Journalism and Mass Communication. Then gained experience Working with renowned brands like Reliance, Lifestyle. 

On her list of well rounded skills she does End to End SEO, making sure all Phoenix Hart Designs SEO Is * White Hat Qualified * and Highly Ethically run.  She Enjoys doing Google Ads, Social Media Marketing Market Research. Competitor Analysis ( like a Ninja!) Editing and Review
for Marketing and Advertising Strategies, and being Creative in Photoshop. 

Information & DPA Agreement for New Clients 

If you are a New Client to Phoenix Hart Designs,  please click to go to our page where you can help us keep your information safe by filling in your DPA agreement. 

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