Phoenix Hart Designs, 

one of the fastest growing

CIC Design Companies in 2020 !

Meet The Team @  Phoenix Hart Designs
Creative Director

Chelsea Olivia Phoenix Hart

       "We become Powerful 

when as individuals we act as a collective; to make changes 

towards a healthier planet, and better future for our descendants"

" Design is my passion.

If I Don't do something Creative & Design something every day,

then I feel lost."


        MY CIC

 To Support my Company's Volunteer work, I invest my Digital Design earnings back into charitable causes. I get to support amazing world changing projects that otherwise wouldn't get off the ground

Chelsea, Born in Canada, Living in the UK, is the Creative Director and Owner of Phoenix Hart Designs, one of the Fastest growing CIC Design Companies Globally. She works Remotely with Clients all over the world, Designing Bespoke Websites for them, and Managing a Back end Team of Talented Developers and Marketing/SEO Experts. Chelsea went to University in both England and Canada, studied multiple degrees, & had 2 kids before taking on the Design world. Always Artistic and Creative to the core, She started Phoenix Hart Designs 4+ years ago while living in Germany. It has grown and developed as a company, to become the thing that brings her the 2nd most joy in her day, behind spending time with her two lovely kids.

Chelsea is Passionate about creating, and using her natural skills and talents to make a positive change in the world. Through her desire to make positive change she has been head hunted to Co-Found another Ethical & Educational emerging company called illuQuest.

" I am continuously grateful for the work that I can do. My career fills me with satisfaction and positivity. I know that it is a gift to be in a position where I love what I do, so I make sure to give back to as many good causes as I can through volunteering my time, and my skills, helping people who are also making a difference with their lives."

Chelsea Plans to grow her company continuously. "I look for people who are Driven, passionate, Honest, kind and Ethical, that matters more to me then any qualification or skill. If someone wants to be part of what I am doing I am quite humbled. I want to create a company that provides guidance and continual learning to all the team, a place of support for creative talent, and inspiration & hope for the future."


Phoenix Hart Designs

is an Ethically Run Company, that re-invests its profit into voluntary projects, supporting Charities, Educational Groups, or Companies that aim to make a positive difference in the world.




 Founded by Creative Director, Chelsea Olivia Phoenix Hart, Phoenix Hart Designs is one of the fastest growing

CIC Design Companies in 2020.

 "It's caring about our clients,    

   and believing in what we do"


At the Heart of Phoenix Hart Designs is the attitude that we can make a difference with every decision we make in life. Each Person on our team was chosen because of their Desire to use their skills & talents to make a positive difference in the world.

 We only support Entrepreneurs who have Ethical goals:

        "As Experts in Design, Marketing & Advertising
         we get to choose who we want to promote,
         who we want to see at the #1 spot on Google. "

We work the way we do now, to ensure a brighter future

                        for the generations to come. 


Information & DPA Agreement for New Clients 

If you are a New Client to Phoenix Hart Designs,  please click to go to our page where you can help us keep your information safe by filling in your DPA agreement.