Great Quality Full Website Basic SEO Integration. 


*Optimal SEO Page Design Structure,

*Titles & Headings,

*Content key word Calculations & recommendations

* Images and Icons

* Terms & key word analysis,

* On-page optimization audit, 

* Review of your website’s content

* Google Analytics review,

* Page speeds insight, 


* A review of up to four of your main competitors’ websites. 

***With all  our reviews & analysis, our service includes completing the necessary adjustments to your website, based on positive acceptance of our recommended changes. 

The Service fee is a 1 time fee, No monthly or reoccurring payments!
Be Aware: You should not need to pay monthly for SEO work unless you are making major Structural and content changes to your website on a weekly/ monthly basis.
If you require Updates to your SEO after making a change such as: 
* Adding Products, 
* Updates to key Services
* Weekly Blogs
* Featuring Products or Services for temporary periods. 

Our recommendation is to purchase our Website Maintenance Subscription, Which will cover all of these SEO changes plus much more! 
Our Website Maintenance Package is Built to Give you Peace of mind - You can leave your website maintenance completely up to us. 

SEO & Advertising Pack