Forking Fed up with it!

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Its not time for a change. Time for a change was 70 years ago. Its time for a shame.

As a Designer, I am always looking for a way to improve the design of everything and anything. It is my mission, and my responsibility to use my natural talents to make the world a better place. I remind myself of this responsibility every day. I practice gratitude for the privileges I have that enable me to be able to live my purpose in life, and to be in the position to change the world for the better. So, It frustrates me to no end to see the other designers and artists, photographers and people who are creating "content" for the internet, like Vectors, and Stock Photos, and are not aiming to use their skills and talents to do anything good for the world. A quick search for vectors of "working in the office" or "women at work" turn up with 99% White Men!

Any Free stock photos out there are 99% white men in power positions, with women & any one of any skin colour other then caucasian, being a minority, and in a position that is not in power & not in a position of directing other people.

When women are depicted in searches like " women at the office" they are hyper sexualized - in Skinny women with excentuated boobs and hips, in short skirts, sexual poses, or looking frantic and frazzled, juggling children. When they are shown at a computer doing work- they are not in an office, not around other workers directing and project managing, they are alone, cut out from the world.. and are you guessed it 99% white.

As far as representing people with disabilities.. they don't even exist.

This little blurb is only a fraction of the issues that I have with Vectors and Stock images available on the internet, its the same issues that the world has had since Pre WW1 with the beginning of propaganda images such as the villainisation of jewish people in newspaper sketches.

WE Artists and Designers, Photographers & Creatives, have the power to change the way the world sees itself, We can change the Paradigm en-mass. We CAN revolutionize in less than 1/2 a generation the way that people think, and treat each other. Its bloody common knowledge that we have the power to change this, and many other things - all by the little individual choices we make every day.

So why is it not being done?

[ Why are photographers still taking pictures of anorexicly thin, bony, women for fashion, and for Forking Breastfeeding Bra images !!!! No! - a breast feading mother who just had a kid, and has about 40 extra pounds on her body - a body that has just gone through the amazing and Wonderfull trauma that women’s bodies were meant for, NO! We don't want to see an image of a woman so thin and tiny that she could be 12 years old, looking preened and perfectly pre-pubecent, wearing a maternity bra!! WHO is taking these photos ? who is hiring the models?]

Each Bad Design & Advertising Decision, Each bad Vector and Stock Image, out there contributes to a collective mentality that is sick and twisted. It contributes to a collective mentality so distorted from reality that people are actually killing themselves because they can no longer accept them selves for who they are in a world that tells them constantly that they don’t matter, are not valued, and are not accepted for who they are.

I know this makes me Forking mad. It makes everyone I know forking mad. So why is it happening? Who are the Designers who are creating these Vectors & Stock Photos ? Who are the people out there that are adding to the problems we have in the world and not trying to use their talents and skills to solve them. Please, I beg. Use the time you have on this planet to make a positive difference with what you do. Whatever it is. Weather you are blessed enough to have the ability to work in a position of power, or to create media, images, movies, or marketing that reaches thousands of people.

Whatever you do with your life, with everything you do with your life, choose to do it to heal the world.

Nothing. Both money, not fame, not shame, or ridicule is a good reason or excuse for not using your time and energy to make a positive difference in the world. Its not time for things to change. It was time for things to change 50/60/70 years go. Now its time for Shame. Shame that 99% of the time, those who had the power to do something to make a positive difference in the world,did not. Its Time to look hard at ourselves and this things we do with our lives and say. “ Am I on the good team? Or am I on the wrong team?” “ Is what I do helping or hurting the evolution of the planet ?” If its not an obvious answer, that clearly your intuition says “ Yes your spending most of your day, every day, focused on making a difference in the world to solve a problem we have” Then ask yourself. Why? Why? Do you continue to ignore the problems. Why? Do you think its up to someone else to solve them? Why? do you give your power away to the ‘wrong side’ by turning a blind eye? Why? Are you waiting for things to get worse? Why? Are you, one of the lucky people who is living a comfortable life and has all their needs met, and just cares about getting the next cool tec gadget, or designer item, are you waiting for something massive to hit you and rip you apart to your core in existential crisis before you are going to do something about the impact of the collective consciousness on a global scale, and the way it effects all of us? Why?

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