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A strong brand is everything from your Logo to your Marketing materials & advertising, Uniforms, business cards, Signage Shop-front, and even interior Design. 

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Branding for Everything.


Digital & Print Designs you will love. Creative, engaging and informative design across multiple platforms. Everything and anything you need to showcase, market, and run your business. 


Storytelling is a powerful thing.

We make sure to know your story in advance, show it on your website, and help it grow!  

Whats new in Web Design? 

Digital Signage

Attract your customers the second they enter your Website !

Graphic Design for Websites

Graphic Design

for Websites

Large Graphic Banners 

Completely customised Landing page banners that captivate your audience right away! Incorporating your Logo, Branding, & a clear Call to Action. 
Start Sucessfully. 

Get the Most out of your Project !

      If your project makes a positive difference in the world, I will help you reach your full potential ! 

In the words of a recent client of mine,  

        "You are so much more than a Website Designer!"


 I truly am grateful for every design project that I take on. To me, they are not just jobs, but opportunities to help someone else make a positive difference in the world. 

I see my clients, and what they are doing, to its full potential, I treat their goals as iff they were my own, giving my passion and creativity to help them reach further then they imagined. I develop their websites to drive results, have an excellent user experience and high quality visuals. It brings me so much joy to be involved in the process of brainstorming an idea and creating something unique, so feel free to share with me your project ideas, and your goals !

Lets get you launched further, farther, and Faster then you knew you could go! 


Website Design 

Client Quote

“Fantastic to work with Chelsea, Professional, Excellent Communication. Highly Recommended !”

—Marvin, Director of aDevindustries

I have a Project, 

                   What are my Options ? 

Can I hire you
by the hour?
Do you create Fixed Price Packages ? 
What Payment types
do you accept? 

We are Transparent with our Fees.

We build custom packages that fit the needs of each of our customers, this way we can guarantee the result, and not charge based on how much time is spent on a project! 
 Our Strong Ethics, are what make us stand out, and are what will keep us in business for years to come.

We are Saving the Planet.

Phoenix Hart Designs is a 100% Sustainable Business, We are committed to being Ecologically Green in how we operate. The bonus of this is that by Hiring a Team of Global remote experts, we are able to offer our clients much lower prices than competitors.

We are full of Gratitude.
You get excellent service from talented people,

who are lucky enough to do what they love every day.

We Don't Follow trends, We Set Them. 


Our passion for good design and constant need to

be creating is what drives our designs to be unique,

forward thinking and ahead of the competition.


We are not like other

         We Don't Use Templates, Never do the same thing twice, 

         & we measure success in our client's happiness, not profit

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5 Stars ?           

Global Web Design  

24/7 Priority Response Service for Web Design Clients! 

" PHD is here to stick it out,

and stick around,

My Best is yet to come" 

 - Chelsea.

" When you find someone

who believes in you,

suddenly the world opens up" 

 - Chelsea.


Graphic Design 




You Get

High Performance Websites


Your Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed !


 We don't stop there.... 

When we are done building you a website that you 100% love,

you have full ownership over it! 
 You can manage & update your content yourself whenever you wish. 

If you do need further assistance, or have questions about your website,

we are always available to help you get the most from your experience with us. 

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