Graphic Design Portfolio of Chelsea Hart, a freelance graphic designer Living 'almost off grid' on Vancouver Island, in Beautiful British Columbia Canada.
Her Design Portfolio Features logo design, web design, branding concepts, & marketing examples. 

Custom   Branding 

 & SME's

Web Design  for Family Business 

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 "I dared to take a peak at the progress and just wanted to let you know that I am loving it so far ! 

Thank you so much!

You are truly creative. "
-Adrian, Faux Coos.


Brilliant Designs to make your Website 

Attractive, Responsive & Profitable.

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Logo Design

A strong brand is everything from your Logo to your Marketing materials & advertising, Uniforms, business cards, Signage Shop-front, and even interior Design. 

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Branding for Everything.

Create &change

Storytelling is a powerful thing.

I Use UX Design & Creative Graphics, Branding, content and overall cohesiveness to Create a website that engages with your audience , guiding them every step of the way. 

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When we are done creating brilliant designs to make your website 

Attractive, Responsive & Profitable, 

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Business Card
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On this page you will find a recent selection of some of the best logo & brand identity designs of 2020.
I am currently designing a section for the best Web Design  logos, animations, of 2021.

                                         Email for Mock up- Requests.  

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Throughout the portfolio you can see examples of the wide range of styles

and high graphic quality. 

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Branding Design for your every need

Dare to Dream Big
PHD Gets you

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From simple Logo Design to Complex multi- team projects. 

" I work with entrepreneurs to 

Establish their Concepts, Refine their Content, and Improve their Results; with the best Creative & Logistical Design Solutions." 

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Digital Design Signs

Attract your customers the second they enter your Website !

Digital & Print Designs you will love. Creative, engaging and informative design across multiple platforms. Everything and anything you need to showcase, market, and run your business. 

Graphic Design

for Websites

Large Graphic Banners 

Completely customised Landing page banners that captivate your audience right away! Incorporating your Logo, Branding, & a clear Call to Action. 
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Fashion Web Design

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