No-one Offers Packages like mine! Even so, a quick cost comparison of  the competition looks like this :

Cost to Construct

Each  Individual Page on Your New Website ?

As priced in Basic Business  Launch Pack


£ 63 

& for that low price you Get: 

The Whole Package Including


LOGO Design & Banner Adds!



Cost to Construct

Each  Individual Page on Your New Website ?

The Local Competition 



NOT including Content, Logo, Advertisement Or Business/ SEO advice! 

Cost to Construct

Each  Individual Page on Your New Website ?

Global Average Pr Page 



NOT including Content, Photo Editing, Branding, Graphic Design,  Business advice or SEO advice.

For Hourly Breakdown Comparison,

 See this link:

My FREE TIPS on Choosing a website Designer. 

1) Check their web page domain name is actually a Custom name? 

"" Is most likely a Free Throw away website, that the Developer saw no value in purchasing their own domain name... Could be a scam. 

2) Be super careful with your financial information. Check if the business is Registered.


3) Go with your heart, not your wallet. Do you like their portfolio? Do you think their own page is too in your face? How do they make you feel when you contact them?  

You might be connected to them for years working with them to build your Brand. You want them to be someone you like, not just the cheapest...thats coming from me!